Crazy for Christ Ministries


As part of our calling as a ministry, C.F.C organises several empowerment programs throughout the year. Among these programs are:
The Weekly Empowerment Services

The weekly meetings come off every Monday and Saturday. The focus of these meetings is to keep the members of the ministry who live within Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Region and its environs empowered as they mature in the things of God. These Weekly Empowerment services have undoubtedly helped the members not only stand and live for God but to succeed by using God’s word in practical ways to confront the circumstances of their lives, overcome them and live victoriously in Christ.
The Leadership Empowerment Seminars

Aside of the weekly empowerment services, the ministry in addition organises quarterly leadership seminars and workshops to train all of its leaders from all over the country. During such meetings, the leaders are sharpened, refreshed, stimulated and empowered through bible based teachings, extensive prayers and impartations to go back and produce more results in their areas of leadership. The President, his staff and various departmental leaders also render accountability on the various responsibilities entrusted to their care during the seminars. These seminars could be considered as the backbone of the phenomenal numerical growth the ministry experiences year in and out.
The Empowerment Camp Meetings

In addition to the weekly meetings and leadership seminars, the ministry again organises quarterly camp meetings for the entire C.F.C family. During the camp meetings, members and non- members from all around the country’s senior high schools and tertiary institutions including teacher training colleges, nursing training colleges, universities, polytechnics as well as professional workers such as nurses, teachers, bankers, marketers, architects, surveyors just to mention a few congregate in Kumasi to spend a week in waiting on the Lord.

 Lots of teaching and prayer sessions take place during this period. Members, led by the leadership spend protracted hours in prayer everyday for various global leaders, global issues, Ghana, the body of Christ, the ministry itself, its members and their loved ones. Extraordinary miracles are often the results of these camp meetings. People leave the camp grounds charged, anointed, blessed, strengthened, refreshed and encouraged.  Many get saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and speak in other tongues. Divine plans and purposes are revealed to many, gifts and anointing are imparted, healing and deliverance from chronic and severe ailments, evil habits, yokes and burdens get removed and destroyed and many lives are ultimately transformed for effective and maximised living. It is usually an encounter and experience with God.